MODULAR FLOW / mf line

The modular automated industrial washing unit was developed with the aim of achieving sealing between the chambers and accurate positioning of the products in the washing chamber. This results in exceptional cost-effectiveness and high quality of washing. It's extremely high-productive. We start from our own needs, so we know the positive benefits of such a drive.

Typically, high-volume industrial washing systems use a single chain along which the piece travels at a constant speed (via a reducer), from the infeed and the various stages (preliminary spraying with a detergent, spraying, rinsing, blowing, vacuum drying, cooling) to the outfeed.

If a chain is used to transfer the pallet through the washing chambers, there is a high degree of mixing of washing waters, the quality of the washing is reduced and the positioning of the pallet in the chamber is not possible. Maintenance cycles are short (water changes every 3 days). There are curtains between the chambers in this case, which try to limit the passage of water from one chamber to another, which is not enough to prevent excessive transfer of water from one chamber to another.

The modular drive consists of a casing, guidance system, gears, a chain, a joint, a reducer and a drive with a servo motor. The pallet slides (moves) on plastic guides. Special segments are attached to the chain, which serve as pins for transporting (moving) the pallet into the chamber and through the washing area. The segments on the chain are in a permanent grip with places on the pallet adapted for the purpose of transporting the pallet. This allows the pallet to be transported (moved) within the chamber, as well as the pallet to be transferred into the first chamber, between chambers and from the last chamber to the lifting module. Within each chamber, each pallet is moved by means of a CNC programme, which allows an unlimited number of positions of the pallet within the chamber. The CNC programme is designed in the same way as a classic programme on the CNC processing machines, allowing the use of different G and M codes for programming pallet positions or other auxiliary functions (switching on valves, blowers, …) When transferring a pallet to a stand, from a chamber to a chamber or from a machine, the pallets are first synchronized to the same absolute position, then they move at the same speed and all at the same time by one position towards the exit from the washing system. When the pallet transfer is complete, the doors separating the chambers are closed. The positioning accuracy is +-0.5 mm. The accuracy of positioning allows us to use new washing methods and significantly improves the quality of washing.

The fact that we are taking care of our environment by extending the maintenance cycle is not irrelevant either. The production of demineralised water is an environmentally damaging process. The wastewater produced is mixed with chemicals that need to be treated using special equipment. Wastewater in washing system tanks is also very burdensome for the environment. It has grease, oil and cleaning agents mixed in. By extending the maintenance cycle (i.e. the time between necessary changes of demineralised water), we reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Zoro Clean modular flow






Zoro Clean advantages


  • Perfect sealing
  • Better cleaning quality
  • More clean water during the cleaning process
  • Longer maintenance cycles (water changes every 14 days, more than 5x longer)
  • Less water heating (lower electricity consumption)
  • Use of weaker heating elements
  • Targeted washing
  • Less water consumption
  • Pallet under the chambers back-feed option
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